Training Details

DELL Open Manage Essentials

Title: Dell Open Manage Essentials (OME) 2.0 - 9987567
Duration: 2 Days
Exam Code:
Starting Date: 20-September-2017

This 2-day instructor-led course provides a detailed overview on how to install, configure, and manage OpenManage
Essentials (OME). Students will learn how to use OpenManage Essentials to discover inventory, monitor PowerEdge servers,
and manage remote tasks.
Students will also learn features of Dell’s Repository Manager, License Manager, and Dell SupportAssist automated support
software tool. This course includes 60% hands-on lab exercises to reinforce learning objectives.

  • Module 1: Dell Systems Management
    Introduction to systems management
    Total cost of ownership
    Systems management components
    Access and configure the System s Setup Utility
    Dell Agents and Consoles
    OpenManage Server Administrator OMSA)
    iDRAC Service Module (ISM)
    OpenManage Essentials (OME)


  • Module 2: OpenManage Essentials (OME) 2.0
    Introduction to OME 2.0
    OME 2.0 key features
    Minimum hardware and software requirements
    Overview of OME components
    Installing OME and protocols


  • Module 3: OpenManage Essentials (OME) Configuration
    and Tasks
    Launch OME and Home Portal
    Navigate and customize Home Portal
    Schedule and map view
    Manage devices and navigation
    Node symbols
    View the device inventory details
    Hardware alerts and configure alert actions
    Discovering devices
    Manage remote updates
    Configure and launch remote tasks
    Deploy device configurations
    Configure and view reports and log entries


  • Module 4: Bundled Applications
    Installing bundled applications
    Dell Repository Manager (DRM)
    Dell Repository Manager features
    Launching Dell Repository Manager
    Creating source repositories
    Creating a repository using the OME inventory
    Compliant and non-compliant systems
    Issues and resolution management
    Dell Licence Manager (DLM)
    User interface
    Viewing inventoried systems
    Managing and deploying licenses
    Dell SupportAssist
    Overview and Features
    Dell SupportAssist alerts
    Performing a connectivity test


Commencing on 20th September 2017.

Class Time: 9:00 to 17:00.